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What is PLR?

PLR (Private Label Rights) content is available in scores of topic areas, from health and fitness, to internet marketing, to parenting, to pet training, and every-thing in between. Good PLR is written by professional, native-language speakers. You, as a business owner, can purchase single pieces of content or packs of articles at a relatively low price, and then use them for your website, blog, newsletter, podcast, etc.

One of the first questions many people ask is, “Is this legal?” If the content is created and sold with the express intent of offering it as PLR, then you are legally permitted to adapt, use, and disseminate the information, according to the specific rights you've been granted.

The next question people typically ask is, “Why would anyone sell PLR? How can they possibly make any money?” The answer is in volume. They may charge only a dollar or so per article, but by selling multiples of the same article to many different business owners, they make their money in numbers.

Now you're probably wondering what happens if a bunch of people purchase the same articles and publish it via their websites or newsletters – won't their customers notice, or get mad that they're using someone else's material? Well, here's the real secret about PLR. You need to see it as a starting point for your content. Sure, you could cut and paste it into your blog or ezine as-is, but savvy business owners know that they need to put their own spin on PLR to make it really work. We'll cover more about how to do that in the following sections, but for now, what you need to know:

PLR is legal

PLR is easy

PLR is effective

PLR needs to be “massaged” into a format that fits your brand and voice, think of it like the recipe, there are a basic ingredients you need to make certain dishes but adding different flavors and techniques make s chefs recipe his own.

Here's a brief list of the types of entrepreneurs who can benefit from

PLR content:

  • Business owners who are pressed for time and could use assistance in generating content

  • Online business owners who also still have a day job and need a little boost to their content creation

  • Bloggers or Information Marketers who occasionally battle writer's block

  • Business owners who would like to start offering content in different formats (audio, video, ecourses, autoresponder series, etc.) and want a helping hand getting started

  • New business owners who are overwhelmed with the amount of tasks on their to-do lists and want to outsource something quickly and easily

  • Business owners who want to expand into a new niche and want to hit the ground running

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