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Most business owners evaluate decisions based on two main criteria: Will it save me time? And Will it save me money? With PLR, the answer is a resounding Yes! to both questions. Here's a little more information about how PLR content can help your business:

1. It gives you a starting place. Whether you use it as a completed product or as merely a starting place for your own content, PLR can save you tons of time. You can make a few adjustments to the information you receive and publish it as-is, or you can take a little more time and rework it. But even if you give the PLR content a complete overhaul, it's a shortcut worth taking. Any writer can tell you it's much easier to have content to start from, rather than beginning from scratch, so even if you scrap 90 percent of the material and use only the table of contents, you've got a head start.

2. It's like a business in a box. Online, content is king, regardless of your business structure or industry. All people see is what you put in front of them, so by populating a new website or blog with pages of high-quality content you'll be on the fast track to building a business.

3. It helps you get to profitability faster. Any entrepreneur can tell you that when you work for yourself, time is money, often literally. So by saving time, you're well on your way to giving a boost to your bottom line. Not only that, by helping you get a product to market more quickly, you're that much closer to making money.

4. It makes you look like an expert. Imagine walking into an upscale wine store, looking for the perfect bottle of cabernet sauvignon. But not only are there no bottles on the shelves, there's no staff person to ask for assistance. Faced with this situation, you'd soon head out for greener pastures with no one there to help you figure out what to select. The same need for expertise exists online; if your site is nothing but a shell with no depth or real information, your visitors aren't going to stay long. Having high-quality content on your site is imperative when you are attempting to present yourself as an expert in your field.

5. It gives you multiple revenue streams. Maybe you've strictly been offering services but want to also sell ebooks, or you want to try your hand at a podcast or membership site, but thought you couldn't expand your offerings due to time constraints, PLR can get you there, quickly. And that means more money, quicker.

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