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PLR content comes in all varieties, from extra-cheap to custom. You may be wondering how to select from all the PLR services advertised – what makes them different, and

what do you need to think about?

There are five criteria in particular to use to evaluate potential PLR:

1. Is it professionally written? Writing is a skill, just like painting, scuba diving, brain surgery, and rebuilding a carburetor. Just as you wouldn't hire any old guy standing at the bus stop to fix your cranium, you also shouldn't think just any person who throws up an ad online can create fabulous articles and other content for your business. Look for PLR that's written by a native-language speaker, who's got proven talent with the written word.

2. Is it professionally edited?

Editing – going through an article or report and evaluating it for grammar and spelling, vivid language, and strong content – is a specific skill, one that needs to be performed on any piece of writing. Professional editors are experienced in reading others' writing - finding sentences and paragraphs that aren't clear and improving them. That's why editing is important. Good editors will not just make sure the content is good; they'll make it better.

3. Does it have limited distribution?

If you're putting something out to your customers or prospects, it shouldn't be content they're going to find on 4700 other sites in your niche. Some PLR providers put no limits on the number of customers to whom they sell their content, so you could conceivably encounter the same exact information on hundreds, if not thousands, of other sites.

4. Is it targeted content?

With some PLR providers, you sign up for a membership without any guarantee of content or topic. As a result, you may get one set of articles appropriate to your niche, and 35 other articles on basset hounds, selling ferret manure, and quick ways to clean dentures with turpentine.

5. Does the content provider have a good reputation?

Some PLR brokers who promise tons of articles for an extremely low cost make their money by selling, to put it bluntly, junk. You may get articles taken illegally from other sites in violation of copyright, or inaccurate, poorly written garbage. By turning to a provider with a good reputation, you can be ensured of getting legal, high-quality content.

Though there is a ton of PLR content available, only a fraction of it is worth your time and money. Evaluate potential sites according to these five factors to make sure you get your money's worth.

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