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  • Digital Empire Road Map

Digital Empire Road Map


What this Bundle Includes:

  • Roadmap 2.0 Resell Course (Review Course Outline)
    • Key Tools Covered:
      • Digital Marketing
      • Building a Branded Sales Funnel
      • Email Marketing
      • Branding Expansion
      • Business Tools
      • Platforms to Market You Product
      • Free Learning Community
      • Social Media Marketing
      • Pinterest Marketing
      • Affiliate Marketing
      • Business Automation
      • Picking a Niche
      • Content Strategy
      • Success Mindset
      • Optimizing Sales
  • Bonus PLR Resources
    • Social Media Planner
    • Digital Product Planner
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing

    • Overview and importance
    • Key concepts and terminology

    Building a Branded Sales Funnel

    • Understanding and building effective sales funnels
    • Incorporating brand identity

    Email Marketing

    • Basics and strategies
    • Creating compelling content

    Branding Expansion

    • Strategies for growth
    • Building a brand identity

    Business Tools for Digital Marketers

    • Essential tools overview
    • Analytics, content creation, and project management

    Platforms to Market Your Product

    • Overview of marketing platforms
    • Choosing the right platforms

    Free Learning Community

    • Building and engaging a community
    • Platforms for hosting

    Social Media Marketing

    • Strategies for major platforms
    • Content creation and engagement

    Pinterest Marketing

    • Business use and strategies
    • Optimizing pins and driving traffic

    Affiliate Marketing

    • Basics and setting up a program
    • Finding and retaining affiliates

    Business Automation

    • Automating processes
    • Tools and strategies

    Picking a Niche

    • Importance and strategies
    • Tailoring your marketing strategy

    Content Strategy

    • Developing a strategy
    • Types of content and planning

    Success Mindset

    • Developing a mindset for success
    • Overcoming obstacles

    Optimizing Sales

    • Increasing sales strategies
    • Conversion rate optimization
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