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  • Start My Drop Ship Accessory Line

Start My Drop Ship Accessory Line



  • Logo Design
  • Submark
  •  Brand Style Kit


Website Design

  • Design and Layout
  • Product Image and Content
  • Pricing Strategy


Promotion Materials

  • Launch Flyer
  • Thank You Card
  • Email Set-Up

Social Media Setup

  • Layout Design
  • Instagram Highlights
  • Content Strategy



Inventory Credit

Boxes or Bags with Logo Design


Management Standard:

  • 1 Brand Ambassodor
  • Standard Marketing Strategy


Management Pro: ($850)

  • Marketing Strategy
  • 2 Brand Ambassador
  • $200 Ad Credit
  • Please be advised management does not include accounting and inventory purchase.

    Pay By Order:

    When customer places their order the funds will come directly to a predetermined account. On our end we will process the order and Vendor will charge your associated account for every transaction made.

    Pay By Credit:

    Each month/week there is an establised amount placed in a predetermined account and orders are subtracte from the account as they come in. 

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